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  Stories written by or contributed to by Jonathan T. Lovitt.

2 men questioned in Cosby case
2 other big crises trouble residents
2 trials have L.A. fearing the worst
30 New Photos of Shoes in Evidence
39 'containers' at Heaven's Gate.
39 dead in mass suicide Religious group had rented Calif. mansion
39 Lost Lives
470,437,945,912 cigarette butts unaccounted-for
2,000 Yosemite visitors stranded
A bewildering fight for life // Calif. couple furious over missing embryos
Abortion foes begin high school campaign
Across nation, Perot gains // Many find candidate appealing
`A disaster' for travelers // Planes fly, but without passengers
Aftershocks terrorize California // One strikes nearly every 40 minutes
After speech, the president had his doubters
Agonizing game of hit and miss
Aids Transplants
Airline Threat
Airports take Unabomber `prank' seriously
Airtight suits used in `fumes' autopsy
A lull, `and there it goes again' // Shock jolts L.A. back to reality
America the violent // The shock heard round the world
Amid pleas for calm, tension is everywhere
Analysis: Tthe scene inside the courtroom when the verdict was read in the O.J. Simpson civil trial
Another bout of blazes in Calif. // Oceanside paradise darkens

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