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  Stories written by or contributed to by Jonathan T. Lovitt.

Evidence alone was the key, jurors assert // Panel members say they weren't convinced
Executives seeking trade court Jiang in California
Ex-Islam cleric held in shooting
Ex-Islam cleric has criminal history
Ex-juror says prosecution has `good case'
Expert `not surprised' at acquittals
Expert: O.J. had same type shoe as killer
Extent of the damage a `surprise'
Extra security becoming routine
Families' 'last fight for justice' Lawyers promise new details pointing to guilt
Families' suit against Simpson under way today
Families will wrap up case by trying to prove O.J. a liar
Father urges mercy for boy, 6 Calif. baby still critical after beating
FBI agent contradicts O.J. defense
FBI probes videotaped beating Calif. incident has parallels to King case
Fear control at work in L.A. // A blend of hope, calm and panic
Federal relief effort catching up // Chaos dies down but frustrations still run high
Feds indict 4 L.A. cops
Feeling flush // Shoppers displaying optimism
Fertility pioneer is accused of stealing embryos // Probe of California doctor puts focus on rarely regulated field
Finally, star billing for `Kato' Kaelin
Finger-cut diagnosis under challenge again
Fires' `night and day' difference
Fliers welcome security check of laptop PCs
Flood plan would force 1,000 to relocate in N.D.

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