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  Stories written by or contributed to by Jonathan T. Lovitt.

In Los Angeles, leaf-blower blowout in full howl
In Oklahoma City, lost innocence Long-awaited relief, vindication mix with sense of disbelief
In San Diego, waiting for Cunanan
Interview: Panelists discuss the Simpson civil trial
In Tijuana, chaos amid the mud // City tries to dig out after slides
In trial full of suprises, jury has its own
`I've never seen one that lasted so long'
Jail neighbor tells of recalcitrant Kaczynski battling his lawyers
Judge gets tough, won't take no for an answer
Jurors detail the thinking that went into their ruling
Jurors turn to punitive damages
Jury close to getting O.J. case
Kaczynski cabin witness for defense
Kaczynski competent to stand trial
Kaczynski confident during jury selection
Kaczynski expected to keep legal team
Kaczynski guilty plea brings life
Kaczynski's acts are bogging down Unabomber trial
`Kato': Coming soon to the stand
Kato tapes air `rage, fury' of O.J., Nicole
L.A. battens down for teacher strike
L.A. cops again under the gun
L.A. minorities meshing toward tomorrow
L.A.'s police chief denied 2nd term Mayor backs panel's decision; Williams unclear about future
L.A. police probe O.J. mystery bag

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