Kato tapes air `rage, fury' of O.J., Nicole

  Jonathan T. Lovitt ; Richard Price


  USA Today


  Page 01A

  (Copyright 1995)


  LOS ANGELES - Brian "Kato" Kaelin, who testified about two shouting

  matches between O.J. Simpson and his ex-wife, says in interviews for a book the

  two had "innumerable examples of rage, fury, arguments and fights."


  "Frankly, it was devastating and shocking," says lawyer Leonard Marks, who

  says the tapes repeatedly contradict Kaelin's testimony in the case.


  Marks represents author Marc Eliot, who taped Kaelin for 16 hours for a book

  that is written but not published.


  Defense lawyer Johnnie Cochran said the tapes are "totally contrary to what

  (Kaelin) testified to," but added, "I have to go with his testimony."


  Kaelin's lawyer, Michael Plotkin, said his client stands by his trial testimony and

  called Marks "a bit intemperate when he accuses Kato Kaelin of committing



  Outside court, prosecutors said they may try to recall Kaelin. He says, on the

  tapes, Nicole Simpson often said Simpson "was going to kill her."