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  Stories written by or contributed to by Jonathan T. Lovitt.

Navy to reinstate gay sailor
Nervous residents hang on // Aftershocks rattle desert communities
Nicole was pursuer, jury told Trial hears a lurid tale of sex, drugs
`No blood' testimony challenged
No `lock' on Clark custody case
No shortage of opinions in this O.J. jury Prospects remain on panel despite their personal biases
No signs of cancer found in cult leader
Not being heard,' minority groups say
Now, voters expect `changes' // And USA is making its list
Officers in King case surrender // Will be arraigned Monday
Officials deny USA's N-plants are unsafe
Officials deny link in Guard `urban war' drills, riot fears
Officials fear hepatitis A threat in 8 states
O.J. case: A search for the facts // 1 suspect, 2 murders, few answers
O.J. gets chance to 'redeem' himself on the stand today
O.J. juror is sickened by photos, dismissed
O.J. lawyer sets sights on Nicole
O.J. mistrial motion rejected Reworked jury today continues its deliberations
O.J.'s alibi: Time means everything
O.J.'s family counters image of a killer
O.J.'s finances may be next twist
O.J.'S TIME TO TESTIFY Plaintiffs hope questioning will dismantle his story
O.J. to play central role in civil trial Experts: Simpson's credibility is pivotal issue this time around
.J. trial resumes; Ito `on a mission'
Old rage against L.A. renewed

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