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  Stories written by or contributed to by Jonathan T. Lovitt.

Flying into Small Town, USA // Small airports can be crude or a respite
Focus back on shoes in O.J. trial
Former Miami mayor ousts incumbent in upset
Former Miami mayor ousts incumbent in upset(final)
For `tired city,' rest is in sight // L.A. reacts with relief and outrage
Frayed jury threatens to unravel trial
Frustration makes gang truce more tenuous
Furhman absent at trial but his presence is felt
Fuhrman tapes may put LAPD on trial again
Gates turns the tables on critics via the airwaves
General's affair re-ignites debate over policy
Girding for El Nino For some, 'It's almost reached the level of panic'
Golden State loses some luster // But many hang on to the `dream'
GOP voters offer Bush advice, support
Growing woes in Golden State // Cuts could cost state billions
Gulf' separates races in dealings with police // Poll finds sharply different views of law enforcement
Handlers hope to lure at-large lion with food
Hard hit towns begin cleanup // Heat, lack of water pose woes
Harsh details amid Unabomber pleas Victims' families hear accounts of Kaczynski crimes
Hospitals can barely keep up in postquake chaos
How the convention played in the USA // A week that bored and bedazzled
In and out of court, emotions flow Response to verdict mixed but strong
In Day 2 on the stand, Simpson faces barrage of questioning
In fear of `AmeriKKKan justice' // Violence, a sense of disbelief
In L.A., police walk a grim tightrope // Show of force puts department at center stage

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