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  Stories written by or contributed to by Jonathan T. Lovitt.

L.A. residents seek security in gates
L.A. riot report rips Gates
L.A.'s armed for self-defense // Post-riot gun sales climb 63%
L.A. seeks no-fly zone, fearing further violence
L.A.'s Gates facing ouster
L.A.'s Gates to quit - in April
L.A. shooting has police back on defensive
L.A. welcomes its new chief with fanfare
Lawmakers visit schools
L.A. wounds are far from healed
Lawyer lands punches in, out of court
Lawyers argue over Simpson's worth
Legal shuffle in Rodney King Case
Los Angeles Hispanics in political crossfire
Lost squadron' found, salvage crew believes
McDougal is sentenced today in Whitewater case
Malibu mudslides kill 3, close road
Malibu suffers through 2nd round of muck
Marcia Clark's private trial is slow in unfolding
Menendez mistrial angers many // `Expensive learning experience'
Minor disturbance reported
Mother, 2 sisters, daughter stand firm
Murder of two students stuns Japan
Mysteries surround minister's shooting
Mystery bag raises eyebrows

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