Lawmakers visit schools

  Jonathan T. Lovitt


  USA Today


  Page 12A

  (Copyright 1992)


  LOS ANGELES - A pair of minority lawmakers, one black and one Hispanic,

  began a series of visits to schools Thursday in an effort to stop an outbreak of

  in-class racial brawling.


  State Assembly representatives Richard Polanco and Marguerite Archie- Hudson,

  both Los Angeles Democrats, started at Samuel Gompers Middle School in south



  ``You people are the future leaders of this state,'' Archie-Hudson told the

  students. ``You've got to get along with your brothers and sisters.''


  Polanco said 10 to 15 schools will be visited.


  ``Young people must hear the message of hope from people they respect and

  who look like them,'' he said. ``We're here to serve as positive role models for

  our city's kids.''