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  Stories written by or contributed to by Jonathan T. Lovitt.

Teens, booze and driving: A deadly mix
Tensions explode in L.A. // Businesses burned, motorists attacked
The pleasant and the primitive
'There is a killer in this court' Lawyer hammers O.J. in closing arguments
There's no escaping O.J. drama // Fascination with mystery fuels spectacle
Thumbs up? Comparator leaves strong impression
Time to sweep up and wonder about the future
Travelers more cautious, but airport security the same
Trial of the Century: Part 2 Civil case starting Tuesday won't be such a spectacle
Under blue skies, dark days lie ahead
UNKNOWN VICTIMS // `Pretty normal day' leaves many grieving
U.S. keeps Kaczynski's plea bargain on table
Victims' families are visibly heartened Relief shows up after numerous months of sorrow
Victim's parents testify today in Simpson case
Viewer's lament: `It's not right' // Many were waiting for O.J.'s story
Waging a battle for benefits Filipino-American WWII vets say U.S. owes them
War hits home across the USA; A moment forever personal
Wet weather reigns from West to East
What did I do to deserve that type of pain.' // `I was just trying to stay alive'
What next for Simpson? Defense must deal with denials, possible conflicts
When will Simpson testify?
Wildfire / Infant Hostage (Two teens charged in I-295 shooting)
Will Avis employees try hard to sell HFS deal?
Witnesses contradict Simpson But families unable to call Kardashian to the stand
Witnesses in Cosby killing revealed 2 say suspect's intention was armed robbery

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