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  Stories written by or contributed to by Jonathan T. Lovitt.

Old rage against L.A. renewed
On L.A. streets, precarious peace // Gang unity faces tough test of time
Orange Co. to cut 10% of its employees
Outrage boils over in Atlanta, other cities
Package finds grass-roots support // Even some in GOP say the `plan is fair'
Parents play it safe as kids bare brunt of inoculations
Passengers forced to wing it // Plenty of grumbling on the ground
Perfect day for skiing takes a tragic twist Death came at moment of impact
Photo is fake, expert for Simpson says
Plaintiffs' best witness was O.J.
Police putting the brakes on boulevard cruising
Police suspect L.A. gunmen in 2 other heists
Private California toll road needs drivers to get rolling
Prosecutor pays price // O.J. scrutiny adds to stress of her divorce
Questioning today will turn to the night of the slayings
Questions on mental state anger Kaczynski
Raid, slain recluse: Stuff of mystery
Rain soaks rich in Beverly Hills
Rebukes, criticism for Simpson defense
Released rapist called a threat // Convict gains freedom; victims voice outrage
Report adds to debate on Hispanic progress
Report is talk of the town
Reproductive clinic, doctors ran amok, ex-employees claim
Resolve to find kidnapped boy unites a town
Riot report `a marching order' for L.A.

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