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  Stories written by or contributed to by Jonathan T. Lovitt.

Closing arguments in Simpson trial begin today Civil case using more evidence
Clues sought to mystery drink that sickened kids
Condors returned to wild
Confusion for Simpson kids 'far from over' Experts say Sydney, Justin will struggle in coming years
Cosby's private funeral rare in celebrity cases
Cost of the riots has `long tail' // Goes beyond losses to businesses
Court intern, 18, says Simpson harassing her
Courts may not have seen last of O.J. case Still possible: Appeals or custody fight
Crash investigators look into missile sightings
Crime scene expert fails pointed defense quiz // Intense probe shows cracks in prosecution
Day L.A. dreads is right around the corner
Day of denials for Simpson Testifies on alibi, blood, gloves, shoes
Death came at moment impact
Defense: O.J. had no motive Jurors urged to form 'common-sense' verdict
Defense to reveal its `surprise witness' // She'll testify Fuhrman used slurs in 1986
Demand for cut-rate airfares could fall off
Discord in court // Allegations raise specter of mistrial
Disruption of air travel is `ultimate taunt'
Doctor: Simpson capable of killings
`Do-it-yourself' protection in California
Drunk and deadly // Only sure fix is `to throw them in jail'
Earlier acquittal meaningless, jurors told
Economic package finds grass-roots support // Even for some in GOP, `plan is fair'
Eight more men claim sexual abuse by New Mexico priest
Erosion eats at L.A. homes // Downpours leave trial of debris

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