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  Stories written by or contributed to by Jonathan T. Lovitt.

Simpson mansion sale fulfulls lawyer's goal
Simpson pal: Nicole said 'she was hit'
Simpson penalty: $25M Families to split award; appeal likely
Simpson's mansion on auction block
Simpson stays connected as mail, visitors' list grow
Simpson team at a crossroads // Go to jury, or put on a defense
Simpson team forced to back down Testimony contradicts expert on how victims were killed
Simpson team is ordered to wrap up case on Monday
Simpson team may challenge police tape
Simpson `train' picks up speed // Conflicting reports on bloody glove
Simpson trial witnesses dispute murder timeline
Simpson trying to fight off `aura of guilt'
SLAVERY Should the nation apologize? Critics argue substance is need, not symbolism
Smoke detectors must be in jet cargo holds by 2000
Soaring into the 21st century;$93 billion ensures air superiority
Some criticize judge after trial delayed Possibility of Kaczynski defending himself is raised
Some return to regular routine - but regular is not the rule
Speculation turns to hung jury // Observers bemoan `all this waiting'
Storm heads for southern Utah, western Colorado
Storms tear at Tijuana // Non-stop rain kills 14 in area
Suggestion of racism in L.A. trials
Suicide watch on Kaczynski Mental exam ordered after suspected attempt
Support for L.A.'s Gates wanes // Chief pressured to retire
Survival for the armed
Teachers vote, L.A. braces for strike
Tearful Goldman tells of son's unfulfilled dreams

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