Mystery bag raises eyebrows

  Jonathan T. Lovitt ; Richard Price


  USA Today


  Page 03A

  (Copyright 1994)


  LOS ANGELES - Police declined comment Tuesday on a report they want to

  question lawyer Robert Kardashian, long-time friend of O.J. Simpson, about a

  bag he apparently took from the defendant's mansion the morning after the



  Tape aired by the news magazine show Premier Story shows Kardashian walking

  away with a bag - with an American Airlines tag - moments after Simpson pulled

  up following his return from Chicago on an American Airlines flight.


  Footage of Kardashian didn't show a bag in his possession until the limo pulled

  away. Then Kardashian headed off to the street.


  Peter Brennan, the show's executive producer, said two police detectives viewed

  the tape Monday and "were very, very interested in talking with Kardashian,"

  Brennan said.


  Simpson has pleaded innocent to the murders of his ex-wife and a friend. Also:


  -- Prosecutors could decide today whether to press charges against Al Cowlings,

  Simpson's friend who drove the Ford Bronco during a freeway chase June 17.

  Cowlings, free on $250,000 bail, would be arraigned Friday if charges of aiding

  and abetting a fugitive are filed.


  -- Detective Tom Lange took court-ordered hair samples from Simpson in jail.

  He wouldn't say how many hairs were taken.


  -- Superior Court Judge Lance Ito revoked longer visiting hours granted to

  Simpson by Judge Kathleen Kennedy-Powell.