`Lost squadron' found, salvage crew believes

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  A sea salvage crew announced Thursday it has found wreckage of what is

  thought to be the ``lost squadron'' - five Navy Avengers whose disappearance off

  Florida in 1945 helped build the Bermuda Triangle myth. That's an area in the

  Atlantic bounded by Bermuda, Miami and Puerto Rico where ships and planes

  seemed to vanish. The Navy planes are in 750 feet of water 10 miles off Fort

  Lauderdale, said Robert Cervoni of Scientific Search Project. The pilots

  apparently were disoriented and ran out of fuel.


  CUTLINE:SUNKEN PLANE: The fuselage of a World War II-vintage Navy

  plane lies on the Atlantic Ocean floor off Florida.


  AIDS TRANSPLANTS: AIDS killed two people who received organs

  transplanted from a man who apparently acquired the deadly virus shortly before

  he was slain, and authorities are tracking more than 50 other recipients of organs

  and tissues from the donor, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported today. The

  organs and tissues were distributed to 30 hospitals across the United States, the

  newspaper reported, without identifying them. The organs and tissues came from

  a 22-year-old Virginia man who was shot to death during a robbery in 1985. He

  had tested negative for HIV - the human immunodeficiency virus that causes

  AIDS - twice before his organs were removed. But officials believe he may have

  been infected so soon before he died that his body didn't register any signs of the

  virus, the Journal-Constitution said. (Cover story, 1A)


  KENNEDY PROBE: Police Chief Joseph Terlizzese refused to identify suspects

  being investigated for obstruction of justice in the alleged rape at the Kennedy

  estate. He wouldn't comment about Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., who left

  Palm Beach, Fla., two days after the alleged rape without talking to police.

  Police have only indicated that Kennedy friend William Barry may have misled



  BRUTALITY TRIAL: A Los Angeles judge said publicity over the police

  beating of motorist Rodney King, videotaped and widely televised, isn't

  sufficient reason to move the trial of four officers. Trial is set for June 19. Also,

  it was disclosed that King was stopped in Santa Fe Springs, Calif., Saturday for

  driving with expired registration and tinted windows, police said. He was given a

  warning. FREEDOM FROM SMELL: Civil liberties lawyers asked a federal

  judge in Newark, N.J., to overturn rules at the Joint Free Public Library of

  Morristown and Morris Township that say smelly homeless people can be

  evicted if they offend others. Lawyers for the homeless said it was ironic that

  libraries argue that a book can't be banned if it's offensive, yet want to ban

  people deemed to be offensive.


  DESERT ORDEAL: A pilot who crashed in a New Mexico desert was in stable

  condition at a Silver City hospital after hiking 3 1/2 hours to a highway and

  trying for nearly an hour to get motorists to stop. ``I don't blame them,'' said John

  Mahan, 36, of Vista, Calif. ``I looked pretty scary. My face was swollen and I

  had blood all over me.'' His small plane went down Tuesday while inspecting gas

  pipelines in the desert.


  BUS SHOOTER: Authorities in Beverly Hills, Calif., stormed a bus and killed a

  gun-toting woman after a three-hour standoff. Authorities said Esther Rachel

  Rogers, 42, had shot to death a fellow rider as about 20 passengers fled

  Wednesday night. Authorities said her parents were survivors of a Nazi death

  camp, and Rogers screamed ``Nazi!'' before opening fire. The dead man was a

  French national.


  `BRIEF BANDIT' CASE: Van Patterson, 22, of Eastlake, Ohio - accused of

  snipping underwear off sleeping men - was ordered held on $100,000 bond on

  charges of burglary and trespass. Police said a man broke into several suburban

  Cleveland homes, stole money and cut away men's underwear. ``He apparently

  did it for sexual gratification,'' said Willoughby police Lt. Kenneth Eisele.




  - NUCLEAR PLANT FIRE: An electrical fire on the non-nuclear side of the

  Rocky Flats weapons plant forced evacuation of the Golden, Colo., facility.

  Cause: unknown. Officials said no contamination was detected.


  - KILLER GOAT: Snowball, a 100-pound goat in Canton, Ga., gored to death

  owner Carl Husey, 77, who was beating it to make it mean, police said. Husey

  tried to flee by jumping on a porch but Snowball rammed him in his stomach.


  Queen's next stop: Sunshine State


  Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh end their state visit to Washington

  today after attending a service at the recently completed Washington Cathderal.

  They will fly to Miami for a three-day official visit to Florida.


  - At the Booker T. Washington Middle School in Miami, the royal couple will

  visit a classroom where students are taught in Spanish and English.


  - Miami Mayor Xavier Suarez hosts a reception for the royals at the Vizcaya



  - Saturday and Sunday will be spent privately aboard the royal yacht HMY



  CUTLINE:AT THE CAPITOL: Queen arrives for speech


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