Jail neighbor tells of recalcitrant Kaczynski battling his lawyers

  Jonathan T. Lovitt


  USA Today


  Page 03A

  (Copyright 1997)


  SACRAMENTO -- Theodore Kaczynski's lawyers are having trouble cleaning up

  their client and persuading him to go to court, according to a woman who was

  held in a cell next to the accused Unabomber in a federal detention center.


  Melani Hansen, 25, who was held in the federal lockup here the week of Nov.

  21, told reporters she overheard conversations between Kaczynski and his

  lawyers in which he balked at attending jury selection. Kaczynski has been

  charged with mailing or transporting bombs that killed two men and maimed two



  When Kaczynski, 55, refused to leave his cell, his lawyers would "get him up

  anyway, (and tell him) that he had to go, period," Hansen said. She also said

  Kaczynski whistled nursery rhymes but "didn't talk much, except to his lawyers

  to object to whatever they wanted him to do."


  Federal records confirm that Hansen was housed in a cell near Kaczynski's.


  Her observations seemed to support the picture that is emerging of a recalcitrant

  client thwarting the efforts of his lawyers. He has refused to be examined by

  government psychiatrists. The same week Hansen observed Kaczynski, he lost

  his temper in court and threw his pen across the table, apparently because his

  lawyers were discussing his mental state.


  Hansen also said Kaczynski's lawyers seemed dismayed by his slovenly morning

  appearance. "They asked him to clean up and get dressed," she said. "He didn't

  want to, so they kind of cleaned up his beard and everything for him."


  Kaczynski spent his time lying on a mattress unavailable in the other cells,

  Hansen said. Mike Nelson, chief deputy U.S. marshal, confirmed that he had

  furnished the mattress "for his comfort at the request of his lawyers."


  Hansen, a baby sitter from Vacaville, Calif., was being held on a federal warrant

  for failure to appear in court on a drunken driving charge she received on a

  military base.