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  The 58 people aboard United Airlines Flight 46 from Los Angeles to New York

  safely evacuated the Boeing 767-200 when it landed at Kennedy International

  Airport after a bomb threat, discovery of a suspicious device and a demand for

  $600,000, authorities said. The package, later determined to be a harmless device

  that resembled a bomb, was found in an overhead bin exactly where a

  threatening letter - faxed to United's Chicago headquarters while the plane was in

  the air - said it was located. The crew also found a note demanding $600,000,

  said Port Authority spokesman Bill Cahill. The FBI is investigating. `FOXFIRE'

  FOUNDER TO JAIL: Educator and MacArthur fellow Eliot Wigginton, 49, was

  sentenced in Clayton, Ga., to a year in prison and 19 years on probation for

  molesting a 10-year-old boy in May. Wigginton, who pleaded guilty, also must

  quit teaching, not have contact with children, get psychiatric help and pay a

  $10,000 fine. The victim was in Foxfire, a Wigginton-founded rural education

  project that led to books, a magazine and Broadway play.




  - HUNTING ACCIDENT: Kevin Elliott, 33, of Terryville, Conn., was killed by

  a hunter who thought the jogging figure near Pitch Reservoir in Morris was a

  deer, authorities said. He died of a single gunshot wound. Police ruled it an

  accident. The identity of the hunter wasn't released.


  Contributing: Jonathan T. Lovitt , Lori Sharn, Bruce Frankel and Carol J.