2 men questioned in Cosby case

  Gale Holland


  USA Today


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  LOS ANGELES -- Police questioned two men in the Ennis Cosby murder

  investigation Monday night.


  Police said the men, described as witnesses, were picked up in suburban

  Torrance, Calif., after a woman reported seeing a car in a Sav-On drugstore

  parking lot that matched a police sketch of a vehicle parked near where Ennis

  Cosby was shot.


  A security guard had reported seeing the car, described as a blue hatchback with

  possible out-of-state plates GRH921, 15 minutes before Cosby's shooting on Jan.

  16. The guard described the driver as a white man in his late 20s or early 30s

  with a mustache, goatee and mole on his left cheek, wearing a dark beret.


  In Torrance, T.K. Hsu, who owns the Top Wok restaurant near where the men

  were picked up Monday, said their car had out-of-state plates. He described one

  of the men as white with a goatee and sideburns.


  Gas station attendant Danielle Browning said the men had been in the area for

  two days. Browning also said one had a goatee. Her manager shooed them away

  Sunday, she added.


  Police said neither man is the gunman described by the female witness to the

  Cosby shooting. She told police the gunman was a white man between 25 and 32

  years of age, clean-shaven, average build and wearing a knit cap.


  Cosby, 27, was gunned down early Thursday after he stopped to change a flat

  tire on his Mercedes-Benz convertible in a posh Bel Air neighborhood. Police

  believe robbery was the motive, although nothing was taken.


  Since police released sketches of the gunman, the goateed witness and the blue

  hatchback Saturday, more than 200 calls have come in to a hot line.


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