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  AIDS killed two people who received organs transplanted from a man who

  apparently acquired the deadly virus shortly before he was slain, and authorities

  are tracking more than 50 other recipients of organs and tissues from the donor,

  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Friday. The organs and tissues were

  distributed to 30 hospitals across the United States, the newspaper reported,

  without identifying them. The organs and tissues came from a 22-year-old

  Virginia man who was shot to death during a robbery in 1985. He had tested

  negative for HIV - the human immunodeficiency virus that causes AIDS - twice

  before his organs were removed. But officials believe he may have been infected

  so soon before he died that his body didn't register any signs of the virus, the

  Journal-Constitution said.


  DEATHS ...


  - ANN ARBOR, Mich: Harvey E. Brazer, professor emeritus of economics at the

  University of Michigan and a U.S. Treasury official during the Kennedy

  administration, died Wednesday of cancer. He was 68. Brazer taught at Rutgers,

  Lehigh and Wayne State universities until 1957, when he joined the Michigan



  - PHILADELPHIA: Hubert C. Taylor, an architect and artist who helped found

  the black artists group Recherche, was found dead at his downtown home. He

  was 53 and had suffered from heart disease.


  Queen to knight Gen. Schwarzkopf


  Queen Elizabeth II will award honorary knighthood to Gen. H. Norman

  Schwarzkopf Monday in ceremonies at his headquarters in Tampa, Fla, the

  Foreign Office announced Friday in London.


  Schwarzkopf is the 58th American to receive a British knighthood since World

  War II; it is the highest honor Britain can bestow on a foreigner. He will not use

  the title ``Sir,'' reserved for Britons.


  He will be entitled to use the initials of the award, KBC, after his name; the full

  title is Honorary Knight Commander in the Military Division of the Most

  Honorable Order of the Bath.


  In a statement, the Foreign Office praised Schwarzkopf for drawing up the

  Operation Desert Storm strategy that drove Iraqi forces from Kuwait.


  The royal couple spends three days in Florida; will visit a classroom and Mayor

  Xavier Suarez hosts a reception at the Vizcaya Museum.


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