Analysis: Discussion of the scene inside the courtroom when the verdict was

  read in the O.J. Simpson civil trial


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  JOSE DIAZ-BALART, co-host:


  For reaction to the Simpson verdict inside the courtroom, let's talk with someone

  who was there. Jonathon Lovitt is a correspondent for USA Today . He joins us

  from Los Angeles this morning. Jonathon, thank you so much for being with us.

  Describe the scene inside the courtroom when the verdict was read.


  Mr. JONATHON LOVITT (Correspondent, USA Today ): Well, first of all,

  these families--they were prepared for the worst. If--if you recall what they went

  through last time at--at the--at the criminal trial, they were sitting in several

  rows, and they were clasping hands and holding on and it looked as if Kim

  Goldman and Tanya Brown were actually going to collapse. I wa--they were

  in--in--intermittently sobbing and--and laughing. And it was a very, very eerie,

  strange feeling in that courtroom before that--that verdict was read.


  DIAZ-BALART: Now, Jonathon, once it was read, I understand that the judge

  actually had to step in?


  Mr. LOVITT : Well, at the point where it was read--there are eight questions in

  that--i--in that jury questionnaire, and when--when the clerk answered the first

  question, `Yes,' there was a--a point where Kim Goldman sort of almost got up

  and said, `Oh, my God!' And I--and then there was a--a `Yes!' from--from

  somewhere in that courtroom, and--and that's when Judge Fujisaki said, `Just a

  minute, or I'll clear the court,' you know? And...


  DIAZ-BALART: Very quick...


  Mr. LOVITT : ...there the...


  DIAZ-BALART: I'm sorry, Jonathon. Very quickly, what was O.J. Simpson's



  Mr. LOVITT : O.J. Simpson was sitting stone-faced the whole time. He was

  facing straight forward. He was not looking at the judge. He was not looking at

  the jury. He was not looking at his family. He was just straight ahead with

  a--with a straight gaze out into nowhere.


  DIAZ-BALART: Jonathon Lovitt , thank you so much for clearing that up for us

  from Los Angeles.


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