Spy suspects allowed $500 a month for son

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  Aldrich and Rosario Ames, jailed on espionage charges, can spend $500 a month

  in purported spy payments to care for Paul, their 5-year-old son, a federal judge

  in Alexandria, Va., ruled Tuesday. Prosecutors said the money, in a Colombian

  bank account, is part of $2.5 million Russian and Soviet intelligence agents paid

  the Ameses for CIA secrets. Judge Claude Hilton gave the couple until Friday to

  comply with his order to turn over money from their foreign accounts. Paul

  Ames is in the care of Rosario Ames' mother.


  SERIAL KILLER: Danny Rolling, hoping to avoid a death sentence, apologized

  for the mutilation murders of five college students in Gainesville, Fla. "I regret

  with all my heart what my hand has done," Rollings told Judge Stan Morris. A

  jury recommended execution, but Morris could send Rolling to prison for life at

  sentencing April 20. Victims' relatives weren't swayed. "He feels sorry that he

  was caught, not that he did it," said Diana Hoyt, stepmother of victim Christa



  CALIFORNIA CONDORS: Three California condors born in captivity were

  captured after biologists decided they were starving in the wild. Several other

  condors released in 1992 died earlier from drinking antifreeze or hitting power

  lines. Another condor chick hatched Monday at the Los Angeles Zoo, raising the

  species' population to 81.


  SPERM CUSTODY: A Los Angeles judge granted Deborah Ellen Hecht, 39, the

  right to 20% of her dead boyfriend's frozen sperm, ending a 2 1/2-year dispute

  with William Kane's adult children. An estate settlement had given Hecht 20% of

  Kane's property, and an appeals court ruled the sperm was property. "I do not

  think it is appropriate to give the children veto power over their father's right to

  procreate half-siblings," said Judge Arnold Gold.


  POLICE BILLBOARDS: The Los Angeles police union will remove 22

  billboards that depict a carjacking by a hooded gunman. The union agreed to take

  down the posters, erected citywide Tuesday, after Mayor Richard Riordan agreed

  to reopen pay talks and not force detectives to work as beat cops. The posters

  were to rally support for a raise.


  BOOT CAMPS: Virginia's military-style boot camps violate the U.S.

  Constitution because women are excluded, a federal magistrate in Roanoke ruled

  in the case of Jennifer West, 28, convicted of possessing cocaine. She sued

  because if women were allowed in the program, she would have been out in

  three months and on probation for one year. Instead, she spent a year in prison

  and her probation was to run until 1999. Virginia officials said that of the 28

  states with similar camps, all but eight exclude women.


  KING SUIT: In a change from his testimony at a 1993 trial, Rodney King said

  someone called him "nigger" during his 1991 beating by four Los Angeles police

  officers. Testifying in his lawsuit against the city, King insisted that despite his

  earlier uncertainty, racial slurs were uttered. He said he hears the slurs in his

  sleep. He is seeking $9.5 million from the city; the city has offered a $1.25

  million settlement.


  WOMAN'S MUSTACHE: Lichia Joy Galinsky, 30, fired from the Ritz-Carlton

  Hotel in McLean, Va., because she has a mustache, was offered her job back

  after she filed a complaint. "We were not as sensitive . . . as we should have

  been," said general manager Larry Sternberg. Her supervisor, Roy Peterson, who

  said he was fired because he allowed Galinsky to keep her mustache, will not be

  rehired. He was fired for poor performance, a Ritz-Carlton spokeswoman said.


  TRADE CENTER BOMBERS: The four Islamic fundamentalists convicted of

  the Feb. 26, 1993, bombing of the World Trade Center in New York have fired

  their lawyers and hired William Kunstler, he wrote in a letter to Judge Kevin

  Duffy. Kunstler said he will seek a new trial contending that the original lawyers

  were ineffective.


  CLARIFICATION: A March 18 story about converting military bases to prisons

  should have said Fort Dix, N.J., is an active Army facility. The prison is only

  part of the base.




  EX-GOVERNOR CHARGED: Edward DiPrete, 59, Republican governor of

  Rhode Island from 1985 through 1990, was indicted in Providence on 23 state

  felony charges that he took $300,000 in bribes for state contracts.


  HASIDIC SHOOTING: Rashid Baz, 28, a Lebanese-born cab driver, pleaded

  innocent to a murder charge in the March 1 shooting of a vanload of Hasidic

  students in New York. Aaron Halberstam, 16, died. Nochum Sasonkin, 18,

  remains in critical condition with a head wound.


  EX-NAZI LEAVES: Bitter and angry, Peter Mueller, 70, of Longmont, Colo.,

  voluntarily returned to Germany to avoid deportation. Authorities said Mueller,

  in becoming a U.S. citizen in 1956, concealed his past duty as a Waffen-SS

  guard at Nazi forced-labor camps during World War II.


  TESTING THE WARES: Kenneth Bryant, 19, and Sabrina Perkins, 17, were

  free pending trial on misdemeanor obscenity charges that they had sex on a

  display bed Monday at Dillard's Department Store in Bossier City, La.


  GOOD-DRIVING AWARDS: New York is considering handing out coupons for

  free hamburgers, subway rides and theater discounts to drivers who stop at red

  lights and don't clog intersections, a major cause of gridlock.


  2 1/2-day ordeal pinned in truck


  Jamie Peavy, 25, was in serious condition after 2 1/2 days in near-freezing

  temperatures pinned in her wrecked pickup a mile from Dallas-Fort Worth

  International Airport. Peavy, at Baylor University Medical Center, had broken

  legs, a broken wrist, broken rib, punctured lung, cuts, bruises and suffered from

  dehydration. She survived on old mints and diet pills. She tied her purse to her

  belt and threw it to scoop water from a creek. She used lipstick to write a note to

  her family: "Nobody killed me. I had a wreck. . . . My legs are pinned, the door

  is stuck. I love you all." A construction worker found her Monday 10 feet down

  in a ravine.


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